North Dakota Has a Spike of Drug Testing Workers

Drug testing companies in North Dakota are booming with sales due to it’s oil industry and strong economy. Medcenter One Occupational Health Clinics have three clinics located in Dickinson, Bismarck and Minot, they have seen an increase in sales of 256% since 2009.

Since more workers have been flocking to North Dakota to work in the oil industry they need to be drug tested before they are qualified to be hired. Substance abusers at the work place have been known to cost the employer more money to employ. This is due to increased number of accidents, unsafe working conditions and missed working days are just a few reasons why drug users should not be allowed in the workplace.

Jennifer McGregor who is a drug testing manager stated that, “Sixty-five percent of on the job accidents and injuries are due to drug and alcohol use. Employees that use drugs and alcohol are not very healthy, so they utilize three times more medical benefits. They`re less dependable and less productive.”

They also are not just a threat to themselves but also to other people around them, especially in the oil industry.

Cory White, Senior HSE Specialist for Baker Hughes says, “We work several odd shifts. The guys don`t have a set schedule shift. Being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, moods can fly, tempers can fly. With the equipment that we have, if you`re not coherent or alert, there`s definitely an opportunity for you to injure yourself or hurt someone else.”.

530 drug tests were performed on White’s employees last month who were either in the pre-employment stage or a randomly selected worker. Over the years White has only had a few problems with drug testing. He says he makes it clear to his employees what the standards are.

The drug tests that White gives is a five panel urine test that checks for use of PCP, opiates, THC, amphetamines and marijuana.


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  1. Chris Davidson | March 4, 2012 at 9:02 am #

    I also own a Drug Testing facility (although not in North Dakota unfortunately) I see the same issues of concern that employers have in Virginia. Not only is drug use on the rise but synthetic drug use is also and can be just as dangerous.

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