Home Drug Testing Kits Gain FDA Approval

With drug testing becoming an increasingly useful tool for both parents and employers since the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved at home drug testing kits in 1997. Strict guidelines were instituted to ensure that testing kits are manufactured according to FDA standards. The FDA has also required drug testing kits to be easily used by the average consumer, thereby limiting the instances of false positives. Federal oversight by the FDA has been essential in maximizing the accuracy and the efficiency of drug testing kits, because reputable manufacturers of the kits are legally obligated to produce the effective products possible.

All FDA approved drug testing kits are required to meet the accuracy level provided by more expensive laboratory testing, which means parents and employers can gain the same peace of mind at a fraction of the cost. It is important to check for FDA approval before purchasing any drug testing kit, because without this approval you are at risk of spending money on a product that provides unreliable results. The steps taken by the FDA to safeguard the home drug testing kit market have proven to be highly successful, and today millions of Americans use drug testing kits at home or in the workplace to help prevent drug abuse.



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