Hair Follicle Drug Testing Leads to Drastic Reduction in Dangerous Drug Use

Emerging scientific data has conclusively linked the advent of powerful hair follicle drug testing to a drastic reduction in dangerous drug abuse by employees across the country. Since hair follicle drug tests became the predominant employment drug testing method, businesses and corporations, results have shown a severe decline in the abuse of cocaine and methamphetamine by the American workforce. While employees who chose to abuse illegal drugs once felt secure in their ability to evade urinalysis drug testing, the emergence of hair follicle drug testing has eliminated the ability elude detection. Since 2005, the number of positive tests for dangerous drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine has fallen dramatically, with reductions as high as 35% in some areas of the country.

The key to the tremendous success of hair follicle drug testing is the increased detection periods provided by hair analysis. Trace amounts of illicit substances can be flushed from the bloodstream in a manner of days, depending on the drug being abused, but hair follicles retain evidence of drug use for several months. This means employees cannot simply plan their drug use around the testing schedule, and when faced with the choice of losing their jobs or abstaining from drug use, the vast majority of employees simply quit abusing drugs. For employers seeking to safeguard their business or workplace, the hair follicle drug test has emerged as the most powerful tool for preventing drug abuse.


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