Drug and Alcohol Home Testing Kits

The best deal for home drug testing kits is the internet.  Shopping at your traditional box stores will cost more money and might be more limited in what substances are tested.  The one advantage to your neighborhood store is time: if you need to test someone now, the test can be at your fingertips quickly.  If you have time,  go to the internet and research the various online companies that sell test kits, and choose a good, “panel” screen test, so that one test can check for multiple drug use; many times, a drug user will test positive for more than one drug.

Drug and alcohol testing kits are invaluable for parents.  They can be used not only for testing if the parents believe that drug and or alcohol use is suspected, but also as a tool to keep teenagers from using these substances in the first place.  For example, being told that random testing will occur in order for the teen to have driving privileges could be the one measure that keeps the teen from joining in with their friends at parties, while helping them maintain their cool factor: “I can’t, dude, my parents drug test me so I can drive.”  A parent could even write up a contract that the teen driver signs, agreeing to random testing at the parent’s discretion.  Teens love to drive, and this could go a long way toward helping them deal with peer pressure.  As well, teens often give their friends rides, and so the convenience of a teen driver often extends to his/her friends.

Testing results have a 99% accuracy rate.  A far as measuring recent use, a simple rule of thumb for street drugs (cocaine, meth, Ecstasy, opiates, PCP, barbiturates, etc) is 2-3 days, while the test for THC in marijuana can show up 4 to 5 weeks after using the drug – longer if the teen is a heavy user, because it resides in the fat cells.  Alcohol test kits measure the BAC level, which will go down over time.  For example, if your teen drank 4 or 5 beers the previous evening, it could be down to zero by the time they wake up in the morning, depending on various factors such as how much alcohol was used, how quickly, if food was eaten, and when the drinking stopped.  If they drank 10 beers, they might still have a BAC level eight hours later.

If enacting a testing program, a thorough discussion of the drug test kit and how it works, and what it tests for, should be discussed with the teen, as well as a baseline test performed to show that the test really works.  A good discussion could begin with the concept that you’re not trying to bust your kid, rather you’re trying to give them an “out” should their friends decide to use drugs.


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