Italy Proposing to Drug Test Stock Traders

Silvio Berlusconi, an undersecretary for Italian Prime Minister has proposed a new idea to end the rumors of stock traders substance abuse problems and the fluctuating market. His proposed idea is to create a new drug testing program that is specifically for the stock traders.

On a phone interview from Belluno, Italy, Carlo Giovanardi who is responsible for the government’s family and drug-abuse prevention policy, stated that a number of Italians may have entrusted savings to people “not capable of making decisions” due to drug use.

This drug testing program can be created without a passage of a new law Giovanardi stated. He plans to get into contact with the regulators and the industry groups who are working with the stock exchange to discuss the drug testing plan in further detail.

Borsa Italian, who is the Italian exchange had no comment, said by a spokeswoman who further declined to be identified.

Giovanardi also referred to “U.S. Studies” proposing that recent market turmoil could have been heighten by “people who’ve lost touch with reality” due to substance abuse. Last year Giovanardi sponsored the notion that members of parliament take voluntary drug tests.

The undersecretary has suspicion that cocaine is being abused and said that cocaine use has a “devastating” effect on individuals leading to “brain meltdown.”

Effects of cocaine use include increased energy, loss of appetite, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Short term effects of cocaine abuse include mental alertness, dilated pupils, and an increase in body temperature. Long term effects are very noticeable due to the continual use and therefore building up a tolerance. The abuser can become addicted and have many different mood disturbances which may include paranoia, irritability and restlessness.

Long periods of cocaine abuse can lead to insanity and eventually death.


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