Why Small Businesses Should Use Drug Testing Procedures

According to a press release from USA Mobile Drug Testing, small businesses are at an additional risk for hiring employees who may have drug and alcohol problems. A lot of small businesses lack the necessities for drug testing, such as policies and testing procedures.

Jeff Sardisco, the COO of USA Mobile Drug Testing stated the “The numbers are alarming. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), nine of 10 small and medium-sized businesses employ heavy drinkers or drug users. The SAMHSA study also found that 75 percent of illicit drug users were employed, primarily by small businesses.”

Sardisco also mentions that businesses can prevent hiring substance abusers by creating drug testing programs and making the workplace drug-free. “Although business owners may think that starting a drug testing program is not possible because they fear the costs or lack the staff to manage it, in reality any business can put together an effective program,” he says. “In addition, a cost effective turnkey program for both DOT-regulated and non-DOT drug testing programs for small and medium-sized businesses is available from USA Mobile Drug Testing.”

Studies performed by the U.S. Department of Labor concludes the workers who abuse drugs and alcohol tend to miss work more, are less productive which costs the employer and average of $7,000 a year. Also substance abusers’ cause more workplace accidents, and therefore file more workers’ compensation claims.

As mentioned by Sardisco, a drug testing program at a place of employment is cheaper than having to pay for accidents or worker’s compensation, caused by employees under the influence.

Having home drug testing kits at the workplace reduces lost time of a worker going off site for drug testing. It also provides an immediate detection of body substance, once an accident has occurred.


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