Things to do Instead of Drugs

Once you’re serious about being drug-free, it’s essential that you find other things to do with your time. This will lessen the chances that you’ll spend time with the people who were supplying you with drugs, and will reduce the likelihood that you’ll find yourself in the same settings where you used drugs most often. Living a more well-rounded life on your journey to stop using drugs will also help you to feel more fulfilled and alleviate depression, which can reduce your desire to abuse drugs.

One of the most effective things you can do to stop using drugs is to simply look at some old photos of yourself. View family pictures from your childhood, or look at pictures that you took a few years before you started using drugs. This will immediately remind you of how fun and exciting your life used to be, and how much love and support you’ve always been surrounded by. Looking at these pictures will further motivate you to do everything you can to rid your life of the harmful substances that have been such a detriment to your physical and emotional health.

It’s also helpful to start becoming more physically active as you’re making the effort to get off drugs. Drug abuse can alter or deplete the neurochemicals in the brain, particularly dopamine, which regulates the mood and regulates the body’s “reward system.” Exercising regularly can help to balance dopamine levels, and will provide you with the sense of relief that you feel after using drugs, without the harmful side effects.

Surrounding yourself with friends and family who love you and want what is best for you is also a priority when you’re working to be drug-free. Organize family outings and make it a priority to spend time with those you love on a regular basis. The encouragement and peace of mind that you feel when you’re in a safe environment will take away the feelings of abandonment that will lead you to abuse drugs.

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