Physical Signs of Cocaine Addiction

If you’ve noticed signs of abnormal withdrawal or extremely social behavior in your loved one, these could be symptoms of cocaine addiction. However, these could also be a sign of addiction to other drugs, or an indication of depression. In order to confirm that your family member is abusing cocaine, you’ll need to observe your loved one’s physical symptoms as well. Here are a few to look for so that you can get your loved one the help he/she needs.

Bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils. If your loved one’s eyes are bloodshot often (about every other day or so), this is likely due to more than just fatigue. Bloodshot eyes mean that the body’s circulation is not working properly, and cocaine definitely interferes with blood flow. Dilated pupils can also be an indication that sign of cocaine addiction. A person with dilated pupils will also have a hard time focuses on small print, and may want to keep the lights dimmed in a room for extended periods of time.

Acne. Studies have shown that cocaine can cause acne. This is largely due to the fact that cocaine can cause a symptom called “picking,” in which the addict picks at his/her own flesh to create blemishes. Cocaine also causes irregular sleep patterns. And when the body doesn’t have enough time to renew itself and properly digest foods, acne is more likely to form on the skin. The drug also stimulates the adrenal glands to produce cortisol. Cortisol is produced in larger amounts when the body is stressed. And, more stress leads to more acne, as the cortisol can cause the pores to clog. If you notice blemishes on a friend’s face who normally has clear skin, in addition to other symptoms like mood swings and dilated pupils, this is often a sign of cocaine use.

Nosebleeds. Cocaine can cause the blood vessels in the nose to enlarge and rupture, which is why a number of cocaine addicts suffer from constant nosebleeds. Cocaine is often inhaled through the nose as well, so the drug comes in direct contact with the nasal passages and makes the blood vessels weaker. It is true that some over-the-counter and prescription medications can cause nose bleeding as well. However, if you notice that a friend or family member has nose bleeds a few times a week, or even more than once a day, it’s time to get help.

Weight gain/loss. Cocaine takes away your appetite, which is why many addicts tend to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, this is why many teens and young women turn to cocaine to get rid of unwanted pounds, without thinking about the harmful consequences. If you see that a friend has dropped significantly in weight over the course of a week or two, cocaine addiction could be the cause. On the other hand, cocaine can also cause some people to gain weight. Because cocaine can trigger depression in some addicts, these individuals are more likely to overeat after a cocaine binge, or when they can’t get access to the drug. Cocaine use can also lead to a lack of motivation to complete daily tasks, so addicts aren’t “in the mood” to exercise or eat healthily over time. If you see that a friend or loved one’s body has changed drastically in a short time, please seek help immediately.

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