Parent Drug Testing Program Proves Highly Successful

As any concerned parent surely knows, the worry over whether on not your child uses drugs is among the most harrowing of adolescence. With most drug abuse beginning during the teenage years, parents are well advised to consider drug testing their kids for the sake of prevention. Parent drug testing may be invasive, but as a responsible adult it is your duty to do the right thing no matter how uncomfortable it may seem at the time. The overwhelming statistical evidence regarding addiction confirms that random drug testing by parents is highly effective in preventing children from using illicit substances.

With the spiritĀ  of prevention in mind, a pilot program in Suffolk County, New York has begun offering parents free drug tests for use at home. The standard urinalysis drug test is capable of detecting marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, Vicadin, and Xanax and are relatively simple to administer. Parents have been very receptive to the idea of drug testing simply because they want to put an end to the uncertainty. The Suffolk County drug testing program has been immensely successful and could end up providing a model for similar proposals around the country.


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