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Herbal Antibiotics

Since taking too many antibiotics can cause hazardous reactions in the body such as the overgrowth of bacteria, or a weakened immune system, a number of doctors and health professionals are suggesting that patients take herbal alternatives to antibiotics. This is largely due to the fact that some people have a tendency to abuse antibiotics, […]

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Does Exercise Help Drug Addiction Treatment?

An article on the Huffington Post website suggests that working out can enhance drug recovery treatment. One reason for this is that exercise boosts the endorphins, which submit messages to the brain through neurotransmitters that keep the mood stable. When a person is trying to stop using drugs, the endorphins are missing the stimulus that […]

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Fibromyalgia and Drug Abuse

Even though medications like Lyrica or Cymbalta are effective for treating the pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia, these drugs can be harmful if used in excess. MedTV reports that Cymbalta can cause depression, and that people with previous alcohol addiction are more likely to abuse the drug. The website also reveals that people who […]

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Ways to Detox at Home

If you’ve been used potent painkillers for an extended period of time due to chronic pain or post-surgery treatment, detoxifying your body is beneficial. This process will remove excess toxins from your body and help to strengthen your immune system. While “detoxing” is usually associated with recovering from alcoholism or drug abuse, getting rid of […]

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How to Become Nicotine Free

If you’re a smoker or use any type of nicotine products, you probably already know the harmful side effects of this habit. Chances are you’ve been hearing for years that nicotine, along with the tar and dangerous chemicals in cigarettes, can cause cancer and damage the immune system. And while becoming nicotine free can be […]

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